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Super Scales Android Digital Scales App

Super Scales Free Android Digital Scales App Download the best free digital scales emulator for Android on Google Play Store.  Use the free version to test if it works with your phones sensors.  Then buy the Pro version or Super Scales 2016 (the new vamped up more accurate and stable … Read more

Penalty Practice Pro Android Game Instructions

Penalty Practice Pro Android Game Instructions Choose 1 or 2 Players 1 Player is you versus computer AI. Choose your Teams. When its your turn to shoot, build power by tapping the boots alternatively or shake the phone.  See the power of the shot on the left hand side power … Read more

Mobi PC Free Licence

                *** GET YOUR FREE APP HERE *** We are giving away totally free Licence key for Mobi PC Remote App, allowing you to use all the app features like controlling your PC mouse and keyboard. Just follow these steps to get your … Read more

Super Scales App Help

Super Scales Android / Windows Help: Introduction: Super Scales is the best digital scales emulator for Android and Windows Phones.  It lets you weigh small objects using just your phone.  This help page only covers Super Scales Free/Pro on Windows Phone and Super Scales 2016 on Android.  Other Super Scales … Read more

How do you weigh using Super Scales Video

Super Scales works by using the tilt sensors in your phone.  It is not a fake scales but can give you real accurate weight readings if used correctly as shown in the video below.  The video below shows you how to calibrate and use the digital scale app for Android.  … Read more

Super Scales 2016 Digital Scales App Simulator

Super Scales 2016 Time to Upgrade! Super Scales 2016 is the best digital scales emulator app for Android! Hey guys have you seen the videos and app and want to dive straight in with the paid version, or have you downloaded the free version and now want to unlock all the … Read more

Mobi PC Rate The App

Rate Mobi PC Apps: Please choose which platform and whether free or pro version app to rate.   Rate Free Version Apps:         Rate Pro Version Apps:         Contact us Privacy Policy Copyright 2016 © Sulaysa, UK.       Read more


FAQ Your questions Answered These are some common question you may need to ask or want answers for. If Mobi PC is free why do I have to pay? The Lite version is free but to use all the features you have to pay a very small one off payment … Read more