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These are some common question you may need to ask or want answers for.

If Mobi PC is free why do I have to pay?

The Lite version is free but to use all the features you have to pay a very small one off payment to go Pro.  The licence is yours for life but can only be used on upto 2 PC and 1 mobile device!

Why cant I connect to the Mobi PC server?

Please make sure you have installed both server and remote control app.  Make sure you have disabled any VPN and also that any firewall or security software is not blocking Mobi PC.  Can your PC accept incoming TCP requests?  Also check that the PORT you are using is forwarded if using a router.  See the help section for more details.

I have an iPhone can I use Mobi PC?

At present time of publishing Mobi PC is only availabel on Android, Windows and Windows Phone devices.  But please check us out later as we may plan to release it on the iPhone in future.

Why are there ads?

We have spent many months developing this software and it has cost us alot to make and promote.  We need to cover these costs and support future improvements.  Ads help us bring in a little extra revenue.  We also hope you can support us by making a donation.

Is the free version app upgraded to Pro when I buy a licence key?

No the free version remains a free version, the licence key just activates all features on the desktop server which the app (free/pro) can then access.  The pro version app is just the free version that generates a licence key for you in the app itself.  So you are in effect paying for a licence key to activate the server.  There are no in app purchases or consumables that can be paid for and used within the apps themself.

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