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Windows 7 Fresh Install

I have had my Windows 7 OS reinstalled, but it was not straight forward. The PC was working slow and freezing.  Lots of unused programs and clutter.  So a fresh install seemed like the best solution. The Original installation Windows DVD was inserted and the PC restarted.  It managed to get to the screen that … Read more

The best sites to promote your apps

We just found this really invaluable site that gives you ways to promote your app more or less for free.  Some sites charge a little or more to feature your apps. Startup sites are good way to get following on your apps before they are released aswell Mobile Ads

We just ran a banner ad campaign with We did research and found it is a very popular android website.  They review many new apps.  The offer of 25K impressions over a month on the android app seemed reasonable. With 25K impressions of a 320×50 banner for Super Scales app, we were expecting a … Read more