Super Punch App Android Game

Super Punch App Android Game

This new fun app lets you measure the power of your punch!

Play in single player mode or with friends in Group Challenge mode. Grab your phone in your hand, press one of the gloves to prep your punch and play the lead in sound, then swing your best punch!

You can set which type of punch to measure but make sure all your friends use the same one too.

You can add the best punch to the online high scores table.

With multiple sharing widgets included you can share the app easily with your friends.

Super Punch App Features:

  • Measure your punch power in PSI (theoretical measurement)
  • Choose from 4 punch types such as jab and upper cut.
  • Online Highscores
  • Set custom lead in and punch sounds.
  • Music
  • Single player coach
  • Keeps record of your best punch
  • Set the minimum punch power level (Pro version only)
  • Remove ads by purchasing Pro version

Super Punch App Download:

download super punch app android app
Download from Google Play


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