Mobi PC Control Your PC using your Phone

Mobi PC Control Your PC using your Phone

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Mobi PC Remote Control App

Current Version 6.1

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Mobi PC lets you control your PC using your mobile phone! To use this you will need to install the mobile app and then install the desktop server to your PC or Laptop. Scroll down for direct download link.

There are many cases where you could use this. Lets take some examples…

1 – Remote Control

You are rendering a huge video or 3d image but have to go outside. You can leave the PC running at home and start MobiPC. You can then go outside and do whatever you want. Then on your MobiPC app you can look at a screenshot to see if the render has completed. If it has then you can press Sleep button to put your PC to sleep from anywhere.

2 – Volume Control

You are playing your favourite music playlist on your laptop which is setup inside the house. You could be reading a book outside or doing some work away from the laptop, but using MobiPC you could still mute, or control the volume of the music without touching your laptop.

3 – Open Programs

When you switch your PC on you might want to open a set of programs for work. For example for developement work you might use 4 programs all the time. With MobiPC you can open all 4 programs using the app. Saving you time. In this case you would set the MobiPC desktop server to auto start and run on Windows startup.

4 – View Photos

You can use MobiPC once hooked up with PC to view photos from your device on your PC or Laptop.

First Install the Free App by using the download links below. Next download and install the server. Now purchase a licence key or go pro after you are happy and want to unlock all the features. Remember the purchase is a one off fee for life and unlimited updates!

We offer several options to get Mobi PC Free:

Option 1 Scan The QRCODE with your Mobile

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Option 2 Download From the App Stores:

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Download from Google Play
Download Mobi PC Android App
Download From Amazon App Store
Download Mobi PC Android App
Download from Windows App Store

For details on how to use Mobi PC, how to connect your server and how to configure your server see the help section or videos:

mobi pc free apps
mobi pc free apps

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