LetsFlick – Arcade Puzzle Android Game.

LetsFlick – Arcade Puzzle Android Game.

Looking for a fun new playable puzzle/arcade game for Android mobile phone then you have to try LetsFlick!

The great thing about LetsFlick is that it is a fun playable game that combines, vibrant graphics, puzzle, strategy and arcade gameplay in one app.

There are two game modes and unlimited levels.  This includes user created content. 

Design and play your own levels or share with friends!

In the free version you can test out the cool level designer that you can use to design your own levels with ease. You can set the level music, sprites, backgrounds and create mini puzzles so its not so easy to complete!

Once you are ready upgrade to Pro version and you can then design and submit your own levels for everyone else to play anywhere in the world (subject to approval by admin).

You win the game by flicking objects called ‘Tets’ onto matching ones to pair up and destroy them. But it is not straight forward, on some levels you will have to think and have a strategy. You have 5 Tets that you can flick but you can also collect Bonuses that allow you to for example destroy solid wall objects.

On the second game mode Tets fall from the top of the screen and you wont know where or what so you have to be ready and fast! Within this game mode there are various settings, for example ‘one touch’ mode where you can lose the level if you miss hitting a single Tet.

Try and clear the levels as fast as you can and with the minimum number of flicks to get into the global highscores.

letsflick android puzzle arcade game screenshots

New levels are added frequently so you will never get bored!

Check out the game demonstration here:

LetsFlick Free Version:

  • Ad supported
  • Limited level designer
  • New levels can not be submitted

Download the Free Lite version:

LetsFlick Pro Version:

  • Use all the features unrestricted
  • Ad free improved user experience
  • Faster gameplay as no waiting for ads.
  • More options in the level designer
  • Submit your levels for approval.  Once approved your new level will be available for the whole world to play!

Buy and Download the Pro version:

letsflick Arcade pro version android game


Hey please leave us some feedback here and dont forget to rate the app on the Play store so others know what you think.  Your view counts!


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