Super Scales Free Android Digital Scales App

super scales free digital scale app

Super Scales Free Android Digital Scale App Download the best free digital scales app for Android on Google Play Store.  Use the free version to test if it works with your phones sensors.  Then buy the Pro version or Super Scales 2016 (the new vamped up more accurate and stable digital scales app!) Super Scales … Read more

Penalty Practice Pro – Soccer Penalty Kick Mobile Game

Penalty Practice Pro Game Practice your penalty shot skills in the free Android and Windows game. You can play against the AI or challenge your friends in local 2 player mode. Shake the phone or tap the boots to build the kick power. Aim and flick the ball to score the goal! The sports game … Read more

Penalty Practice Pro Android Game Instructions

Penalty Practice Pro Android Game Instructions Choose 1 or 2 Players 1 Player is you versus computer AI. Choose your Teams. When its your turn to shoot, build power by tapping the boots alternatively or shake the phone.  See the power of the shot on the left hand side power bar.  Or if you have … Read more

Appliv Review of Super Scales App

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Mobi PC Free Licence

                *** GET YOUR FREE APP HERE *** We are giving away totally free Licence key for Mobi PC Remote App, allowing you to use all the app features like controlling your PC mouse and keyboard. Just follow these steps to get your free Licence key: Download the … Read more

Super Scales App Help

Super Scales Android / Windows Help:   Introduction: Super Scales is the best digital scales apps for Android and Windows Phones.  It lets you weigh small objects using just your phone.  This help page only covers Super Scales Free/Pro on Windows Phone and Super Scales 2016 on Android.  Other Super Scales apps have built in … Read more