Super Scales App

Digital Scale Emulator for Android! Try our featured app for free!


Super Scales is the best digital scale emulator app for Android. It works by using your phones tilt sensors. Once calibrated it is very accurate if used as demonstrated in the tutorial video.


The free version can only be calibrated once. To get accurate results just upgrade to the paid version. You can also change Units of weight in paid version and use Super Mode.
  • Accurate Measurements

    As accurate as real digital scales if calibrated and used properly with the phone balanced well.
  • Settings

    You can change which sensors are used and also set the sensitivity of the scales. You can set the units of the weighings too.
  • Video Demonstration

    In the help section you can view two video demonstrations showing how to use the app and some tips.
  • Store Readings

    In the paid version you can store and view upto 4 measurements with their own custom descriptions
  • All inclusive

    With Super Scales you dont need any external third party devices or gadgets. Just a android phone with calibrated sensors.


Mahbub Alam
Interesting app I use this but I don't face any problem at all. I prefer this most. Nice graphics and addicted looking. Dont really need any other equipment or device to use "Super Scales Lite"
Niezam Mia
Its Ok
Mansoo Patel
I found it hard to use, but I copied the video, but balance phone on my mouse. I then got some results that worked. Thanks for the video!



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United Kingdom.