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Super Punch App Android Game

This new fun app lets you measure the power of your punch! Play in single player mode or with friends in Group Challenge mode. Grab your phone in your hand, press one of the gloves to prep your punch and play the lead in sound, then swing your best punch! … Read more

Penalty Practice Pro Android Game Instructions

Penalty Practice Pro Android Game Instructions Choose 1 or 2 Players 1 Player is you versus computer AI. Choose your Teams. When its your turn to shoot, build power by tapping the boots alternatively or shake the phone.  See the power of the shot on the left hand side power … Read more

LetsFlick – Arcade Puzzle Android Game.

Looking for a fun new playable puzzle/arcade game for Android mobile phone then you have to try LetsFlick! The great thing about LetsFlick is that it is a fun playable game that combines, vibrant graphics, puzzle, strategy and arcade gameplay in one app. There are two game modes and unlimited … Read more

The best sites to promote your apps

We just found this really invaluable site that gives you ways to promote your app more or less for free.  Some sites charge a little or more to feature your apps. Startup sites are good way to get following on your apps before they are released aswell   Read more