Super Punchapp – Android Game


How powerful is your punch? Now you can find out with this cool fun game / app.  Why not challenge your friends in the Group Challenge mode!  Thers also global high scores table.  Check out the free app or go Pro to support and to remove all ads.

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Mobi PC

Lets you control your PC using your mobile phone (Android and Windows Phone)

Mobi PC Apps

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3rd Eye App

This app has several high quality free meditation and high frequency sound tracks that wll help you meditate, relax and awaken your third eye.  Over 30K downloads and lots of positive reviews!

3rd eye free android app

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Super Scales

Digital scales app with good level of accuracy available on Windows Phone and Android.  Free version available for testing.

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LetsFlick Android Game

A fun action / puzzle game with many levels and also a level designer.  Online highscores and two game modes.  Alot of fun! You have 5 objects called tets at the bottom of the screen which you flick up the screen to matching tets in order to destroy them and clear the levels. The second game mode has falling tets that can fall in random order and again you just flick matching tets onto them before they reach bottom of the screen.

LetsFlick Free Android Puzzle Arcade Game
New Android Puzzle Game 2016

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Penalty Practice Game

A fun action soccer based game where you can flick a ball to score penalty kicks. You can play against a friend or the computer. Choose from various world cup teams. You can also buy upgrades to boost your kcks and get a high score. Great graphics and atmosphere make this a must have game on your phone!

free penalty kick soccer game for android

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