Mobi PC – Buy Pro Version Licence

Mobi PC – Buy Pro Version Licence

Please note the seperate Mobi PC Pro app has been discontinued.

Just follow the instructions below

Mobi PC – Time to Go Pro!

Mobi PC comes in two parts – a client app and a desktop PC server.

You must download and install both and login to both to use the service.

To sign up simply register a new a account on the server app.

Download the Mobi PC Desktop Server

Sign Up and Verify (optional) your account by email verification.

Download the Mobi PC mobile app

Start the app and click on ‘Upgrade To Pro

Make the in app purchase

Hoorah you now have Mobi PC Pro

Login to the Mobi PC app (client)

Login to the Mobi PC server

Start the server and connect your app!

If you have problems connecting or need more help with features see the videos and help pages


Your upgrade purchase is linked to only your device and not account. Therefore if you need reinstall the app on a different mobile you will have to upgrade to Pro again on that device.

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