App Service: Mobi PC App & Mobi PC Server

Who we are:

Updated 14/03/2024

Personal Data and Location:

When you create a profile (sign up) on Mobi PC on any device we require some personal information to make sure you are a genuine person and to prevent abuse of the service. The following information will be collected from your device and stored in a database on our server:

  • Username – Used for account creation and app features.
  • Email Address – Used for sending verification and notification emails
  • Device Type – For example Android, iOS or Windows
  • IP Address – We collect the IP address for use of features in the app
  • Password – Stored in encrypted form

All the information you provide is stored securely on our server to the best of our means and encrypted during transit as requests are sent using HTTPS protocol. Your actual password is never stored on our server only you will have the actual password. If you forget your password you will have to ask for a password reset.

You can ask us to show you what information we hold about your account via email and you can ask for your account to be deleted fully at any time (see below). Please make sure your username is not offensive in anyway. We do not ask for, store or publicly display any location data.

If appropriate you can delete your account which you can do at any time without notifying us; in this case all your personal data will be deleted from our servers and database.

We do not require any tracking data.

IP Addresses:

Mobi PC requires the IP address of your host server. When you start the Mobi PC server on your PC we will obtain your external and internal (LAN) IP addresses. They will be uploaded and stored on our server under your username. The IP addresses are used by the Mobi PC client apps when you login to your account and allow the connection to be made via TCP on your selected port. We do not store the port number on our database so you must make sure you know this when connecting.

Casting and Sharing:

Mobi PC allows you to transfer images, files and messages from from one device to another. One device must have the server running. When you share or cast from one device we do NOT store any of the data. All data is transferred directly via between the two apps/software.

Emails and Newsletter:

The following is applicable only after you sign up to Mobi PC with a valid email address or if you sign up to our newsletter by supplying your email:

When you supply your email address you agree to allow us to send you emails which are needed to facilitate use of our service for example to send you verification email or notifications. You will be given the option in app or in email to opt in to receive marketing/newsletter emails from us. When we do add your email address to our mailing list(s), emails you will receive will only come from us. You may receive additional emails from the developer of the specific app/software related to the app or technical support/updates.

We will never sell, disclose or pass on your email address to any other third party.

Opt Out:
We provide a method of opting out from our mailings in every email, this may be in the form of an unsubscribe link, or asking you to reply with “unsubscribe” or “stop” and the name of the app “Mobi PC”. When you do opt out we will remove your email and add it to our opted out list. This will take effect usually within 24 hours however we ask that you allow atleast 7 days for it to be fully removed due to emails in the process of being sent, emails that may not have reached you yet, or automated system emails being sent to you from our server.

In App Purchases:

Mobi PC App offers in app purchase to upgrade the app to the Pro version to give unrestricted use of features. More IAPs maybe added in the future.

On Android all in app purchases are processed by Google Wallet.

On iOS all payments are processed by Apple IAP.

On Windows UWP and Desktop purchases are processed via Windows or Paypal online payments respectively.

All payments on third party providers are secure and encrypted. We do not process or store any payment related information like credit card details please refer to the Privacy Policy of the payment provider for example Paypal’s privacy policy on their respective official websites. The value and total sum of purchases you have made are not stored, so to find this information you can check with the relevant payment service provider. Please make sure you are the bill payer before any purchases.

Subject Access Requests:

We are committed to complying with the applicable data privacy and security requirements in the countries in which we operate. GDPR allows you to make a request to DBS for copies of all personal information held about you. This is known as a Subject Access Request. We aim to provide you with a copy of the information we hold about you within one calendar month of receiving a valid request. To begin this request, please use our contact details below.

Right to be forgotten:

If you no longer want us to make use of all or some of your personal data, you may send an e-mail to . Place ‘Delete My Account‘ or ‘Delete Data’ in the subject line and include your the app name “Mobi PC”, sign up e-mail address and your username (if applicable) in the body of the e-mail. You can specify which data you want to delete, but bear in mind we can only agree to this if its possible. You MUST send the email from the email on the account.

We will respond to your request within thirty days. Please note that certain records, for example those relating to payments or customer service matters, will be held for legal and accounting purposes. If you have sent content through or posted content on the Service, we may not be able to delete it. You are advised to contact us if this is the case.

You can also delete your entire account from within the app. To do this, you need to login using your credentials and then press the Settings button. Then in the menu choose “Delete Account’. You will be asked to confirm the deletion. Once you approve it all your personal data such as email and username will be deleted from our server and you will be logged out.


Mobi PC displays our own in house and third party ads. You can disable ads by purchasing the ‘Upgrade To Pro’ in app purchase. When you click on an ad we collect anonymous data such as your IP address and device type (such as Android or iPhone).

Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Device Information:

When using Mobi PC the app will have to identify what device type you are using, the OS version/name and what permissions you have allowed it to have. We have to do this to enable or disable certain device specific features. We store your device type such as Android or iOS on our server for statistical purposes and debugging.

Compliance with Laws:

In order to comply with our legal obligations, to enforce our terms of use, to protect the rights of other users of our services/site, to help with criminal investigations we may disclose information that we hold we hold about you to law enforcement agencies and government authorities.


We will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or harm caused to any end user, their equipment or software as a result of using any of our software of products. All products will work as described, in the event that they do not and you have contacted our support email (below), we will help to refund or reimburse you. When you purchase apps or IAPs on Google Play Store you are eligible for money back in the event that the app does not work on your phone. We are not responsible in any way or associated with ads shown by any third party on our software or website.