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Mobi PC Free Licence

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We are giving away totally free Licence key for Mobi PC Remote App, allowing you to use all the app features like controlling your PC mouse and keyboard.
Just follow these steps to get your free Licence key:

  1. Download the Free app:
  2. Download the server:
  3. Install and start the server.
  4. Click register button.
  5. Create a new profile using a valid email
  6. Test the free version of the app
  7. Leave a 5 star rating and a good comment on the App Store:
  8. Like the Facebook Page:
  9. Email with your account email (and google username) to receive your licence key


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Once you have your licence key:

  • Start Mobi PC server on your PC.
  • Click on Register button to update your profile.
  • Complete all the fields using your EXISTING account details.
  • Enter the licence key
  • Press Register
  • Wait for account to be upgraded to unrestricted/pro
  • Restart the server.
  • Login using your account details.
  • Start the app. Login.
  • It should now say UNRESTRICTED

*** OFFER ENDS 16th Nevember 2016 ***


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