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We just ran a banner ad campaign with

We did research and found it is a very popular android website.  They review many new apps.  The offer of 25K impressions over a month on the android app seemed reasonable.

With 25K impressions of a 320×50 banner for Super Scales app, we were expecting a good response as its a popular app.  But after the campaign started the actual number of sales/downloads decreased.  Maybe this is just a coincidence.

We are just stating the facts here that there was no significant improvement in number of installs after using this promotion!

We noticed that on their mobile app the banner ad is shown on their articles, however the banner loads very slowly and not straight away.  This we feel is hindering the response and value of the ad.  The ad should be shown straight away and loaded asynchronously.

To be honest we might try their desktop banner promotions but will not be buying their app banner ads again!

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