The 3rd Eye Free Android App

The 3rd Eye Free Android App

The 3rd Eye Free Android App

This a meditation app that will over time help you relax and at the same time awaken the third eye. The Third eye is a mystical, invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight and sound. The Third eye refers to the gate that leads to the inner realms of consciousness.

The 528 frequency contained in this app awakens the third eye. According to theory humans in far ancient times had a third eye. To the Hindus it was the Brow Chakra. Today it is known as the Pineal Gland. It is believed that by tuning into the gland via a 528 frequency over time you will regain the third eye.

Simply click and play and listen and relax.

Features 3 free different ambient meditation sounds to suit your mood or environment. Additionally you can download 3 new meditations; Jaya Bhagavan, Gong Solo and Gong Bath Intro!


Download it for Free on Google Play

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